Job Opening - KASAP - Prevention Coordinator

Our Values:
We are committed to serving all survivors and working toward the prevention of sexual
violence. KASAP and its member programs do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of
disability, sexual orientation, gender, religion, race, color, national origin, immigration status,
incarceration, age, socioeconomic status, level of education, language proficiency, veteran
status, political affiliations, or type of sexual victimization. Whether the violence occurred
recently, years ago, or is still happening, we are here to help. All are welcome.
We acknowledge that sexual violence does not happen in a vacuum; it impacts different groups
in different ways. We also recognize that each individual survivor and community member
come to our programs with diverse backgrounds and multi-layered identities that affect their
access to medical and sexual assault services, experience with the Justice system, needs, and
feelings of safety. As service providers, we are committed to meeting people where they are
and working to ensure that our services are inclusive and responsive to the real needs of
Workplace Culture:
We are committed to creating an environment in which staff members from diverse
backgrounds can get what they need to thrive. We offer medical and dental benefits, flexible
holidays (PTO), vacation days, 1 work from home day per week, and other benefits. A new
employee can expect to work with minimal supervision independently and within a team
KASAP is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to employment policies and
procedures assuring all qualified persons are afforded equal opportunity for employment,
promotion, and training. We welcome and encourage applicants from diverse groups to apply
including, but not limited to African American, Latina/o/x, Indigenous Americans,
Asian/Pacific Islander, and LGBTQ+ persons. We also welcome people from different national
origins, religions, ages, and ability status.
Overall charge to Prevention Coordinator:
This position is responsible for overseeing the implementation of sustainable primary
prevention of sexual violence and related violence programming statewide, employing the
public health model and using the Green Dot program and Shifting Boundaries program as the
strategies; special projects, training and capacity building for Kentucky as a whole and the rape
crisis centers specifically.
Reports to: Executive Director
Duties and Responsibilities:
1. The Prevention Coordinator will serve as staff to the Program Implementation Committee. Expectations include:
  • Plan monthly Program Implementation Committee meetings in collaboration
  • with the state core building team (SCBT);
  • Facilitate and take minutes at monthly meetings of the Committee;
  • Provide technical assistance on community engagement prevention efforts;
  • Provide technical assistance to prevention educators working in the high
  • schools;
  • Collect and collate Rape Crisis Center reporting for RPE, including community
  • engagement data, fidelity assessments, and semi-annual and annual RPE
  • reporting; and
  • Coordinate with Dr. Patty Cook-Craig to implement and collect evaluation data.
2. The Prevention Coordinator will collaborate with the state core building team (SCBT) as
necessary and applicable
3. The Prevention Coordinator will coordinate with community partners and funders as
necessary and applicable.
4. The Prevention Coordinator will provide on-site visits and/or training to the Rape Crisis
Centers as needed on topics such as primary prevention strategies, community mobilization and
engagement, and building an anti-oppression framework for prevention.
5. The Prevention Coordinator will provide coaching, mentoring, and support for educators
employed by the rape crisis centers to ensure that standards for curricula provision are met and
maintained per funding requirements.
6. The Prevention Coordinator will develop and provide training on primary prevention as it
relates to interpersonal violence and related topics such as risk and protective factors, root
causes of violence, foundations of primary prevention knowledge, different styles of learning,
theories of behavior change, etc.
7. The Prevention Coordinator will develop, plan, and coordinate new dissemination strategies
for statewide primary prevention strategies
8. The Prevention Coordinator will implement and oversee the Green Dot Educator Approval
Protocol to assure fidelity in curricula presentation.
9. The Prevention Coordinator will assist the Advocacy Specialist in identifying, acknowledging,
and communicating the links between historical oppression and rape culture with a focus on the
prevention of sexual violence.
10. The Prevention Coordinator will work with KASAP’s contracted web designer to develop,
maintain, and update a webpage on on primary prevention and the status of the
Green Dot strategy in KY and will use KASAP’s Twitter account, newsletter, Facebook account,
Instagram account, and any other approved social media resources to promote Green Dot.
Shifting Boundaries, and primary prevention through an anti-oppression lens on a statewide
11. In collaboration with the SCBT, the Prevention Coordinator will lead and oversee the
adaptation and implementation of the middle school prevention curriculum, Shifting
Boundaries. The Prevention Coordinator will also help support training for rape crisis center
educators on curriculum delivery as well as evaluation of the prevention strategy in middle
12. The Prevention Coordinator will develop and execute an annual 3-day professional
development retreat for the Program Implementation Committee.
  • Undergraduate degree from an accredited institution
  • Commitment to preventing and ending sexual violence and a demonstrated ability to
  • incorporate a multi-cultural and anti-oppression perspective into all levels of their work
  • Previous work with young people, youth engagement, and youth empowerment
  • Excellent written and advanced verbal communication skills
  • Excellent public speaking ability
  • Computer literate
  • Social media skills
  • Coaching, community organizing, program organizing, and event coordination skills
  • Ability to professionally represent the Coalition, handle sensitive information and
  • maintain high levels of confidentiality
  • Ability to meet deadlines and respond in a timely manner
  • Ability to work independently within a flexible work structure
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Ability to travel with some overnights
Additional Qualifications
  • Knowledge in the area of sexual violence
  • Previous experience with victim services and primary prevention
  • Understanding of the Kentucky rape crisis center service delivery system
  • Commitment and values in line with the Mission of KASAP
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