Eileen A. Recktenwald, MSW, PhD (hon)
Executive Director
Email: executivedirector@kasap.org
Mrs. Recktenwald oversees the development and operation of the Association; she provides a structure which promotes collaboration, support, and cooperation for the membership and for allied professionals and groups. Mrs. Recktenwald also administers KASAP funding including monitoring budget and long range financial planning. She ensures that KASAP is compliant with all funding source requirements and regulations, as well as identifying additional sources of funding and advocating for state funding. Mrs. Recktenwald also works closely with the Board of Directors to ensure that the policies the Board has created are being translated correctly and accordingly. Mrs. Recktenwald develops and administers program activities for KASAP in accordance with its mission and within the guidelines set forth by the Board of Directors. 
Melissa Gilpin, RN, SANE
Collaboration Specialist
Email: mgilpin@kasap.org
Ms. Gilpin worked as a registered nurse in an emergency department in Bowling Green, KY before joining KASAP. There, she saw first-hand the needs of sexual assault survivors and sought training to become a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE).  As KASAPs collaboration specialist, Ms. Gilpin now coordinates the SANE/SART program and is the central contact for inquiries regarding training, credentialing and continuing education.  Ms. Gilpin also assists rape crisis centers with collaborative projects, such as capacity building for community response to human trafficking and ensuring compliance between KASAP and the Department of Corrections regarding access to services for incarcerated victims.  She is KASAPs staff liaison to the state level Sexual Assault Response Team Advisory Council (SART AC). 
Alexandra (Alex) Hollifield, M.Ed.
Prevention Coordinator 
Email: ahollifield@kasap.org
Ms. Hollifield joined KASAP after working for 3 years at the Vanderbilt University Women’s Center where she coordinated workshops on topics related to sexual health, healthy relationships, body image, and mental health.  She is responsible for overseeing the implementation of sustainable primary prevention of sexual violence programming statewide.  Ms. Hollifield serves as staff to the Program Implementation Committee, collaborates with the state core building team, assists in the development of community prevention teams, provides on-site visits and prevention-related training to the Rape Crisis Centers, and serves as the liaison between Green Dot, etc. and KASAP.  If you have questions about Green Dot in Kentucky or want to get involved with prevention efforts, contact Ms. Hollifield.  
Laela Kashan
Staff Attorney
Email: lkashan@kasap.org
Ms. Kashan is responsible for providing technical assistance and training to member rape crisis centers, law enforcement, health care staff, and other legal professionals across the Commonwealth. Areas of focus include civil and criminal sexual assault laws, Title IX issues, human trafficking, confidentiality, and victim rights. Ms. Kashan also staffs KASAP's Legislative Committee where she tracks new legislation and provides legislative advocacy.
Joan M. Mattingly
Email: jmattingly@kasap.org
Ms. Mattingly joined KASAP after working over 13 years as the Business Manager for the Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center.  She is responsible for the fiscal management of KASAPs financial information, tracking the daily and monthly financial transactions for the organization, check preparation, and providing financial reports for the Board of Directors. Ms. Mattingly provides technical assistance (as it relates for financial matters) for each of the Rape Crisis Centers, assists the Executive Director in preparing KASAPs annual budget, monitors and tracks grant related funds, provides necessary state and federal reports, and serves as a staff person for the Finance Committee. If you have questions regarding budgets, annual fiscal monitoring and results, spending contract money, check information, or the Finance Committee contact Ms. Mattingly. 
Clorissa Novak, CSW
Advocacy Specialist
Email: cnovak@kasap.org
Clorissa Novak is the Advocacy Specialist for the Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs (KASAP). The primary focus of her work is to increase knowledge of intersectionality and anti-oppressive practice among coalition and rape crisis center staff with the goal of ensuring access to competent, culturally resonant services for all survivors of sexual violence. As part of this work, she also serves as the agency’s liaison to the Project SAFE Network, a multi-disciplinary group focused on effective service provision and advocacy for people with disabilities. As in her previous role, Ms. Novak continues to provide training and technical assistance on the Prison Rape Elimination Act.  Ms. Novak holds a Master of Science in Social Work degree from the University of Louisville. She comes to this work with a background in victim advocacy in the field of interpersonal violence. 
Emily Tamas, MEd.
Program Coordinator
Email: etamas@kasap.org 
Ms. Tamas focuses on the compliance monitoring, quality improvement measures and technical assistance for member programs, and provides training on various issues. Ms. Tamas is responsible for data collection and reporting specific to service provision reporting. If you have any questions regarding monitoring process or results, Crisis Center standards and contract compliance, technical assistance and training in regards to operation issues, or the Program Monitoring Committee contact Ms. Tamas.