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Sexual violence takes many forms. It can include sexual harassment, stalking, human trafficking, rape, or any sexual contact where one person does not or is unable to consent due to factors such as force, coercion, or intoxication. For more information about what defines sexual violence, and its prevalence in Kentucky, click here.

Sexual assault has dramatic long-term impacts. If you are a victim, or know someone who is a victim, there is help. Victims of any type of sexual violence, no matter when the violence took place, can contact their local sexual assault program for support. There are 13 sexual assault programs providing services to all victims of sexual violence in Kentucky. Your local sexual assault program may offer many services and can also provide referrals to other resources. Services are free of charge. Anyone that has been affected by sexual violence is welcome, including family members and friends close to victims.

Contact your local rape crisis center. Call the 24-hour, free RAINN hotline at

1-800-656-HOPE (4673)

If you need immediate assistance or are in danger, call


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Services offered in this region:


Services Offered at Sexual Assault Programs

Victim Assistance

24-hour Rape Crisis Line. Call 1-800-656-HOPE (4673) to be connected to a local sexual assault program.


Counseling and support for survivor and for family and friends.


Accompaniment and advocacy in hospitals, law enforcement settings and other legal settings.

Mental health and support services.

Referrals to appropriate community resources.

Assistance with Crime Victims Compensation Fund claims.


Communications with rape crisis center personnel are confidential and privileged. For information see KRS 211.608 and KRE 506. However, there are exceptions, including reporting child abuse. For information see KRS 209.020,  KRS 620.030.

Support Services
There are many local, state, and national resources on sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, and child abuse. Below are links to some of those resources.


The Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs, Inc. (KASAP) is the statewide coalition of the 13 rape crisis centers in the Commonwealth. The mission of KASAP is to speak with a unified voice against sexual victimization.

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