Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Why We Wear Teal - April 1 Kick-off

In 2000, sexual violence coalitions across the country voted to designate the color teal as the official color of Sexual Assault Awareness month and the teal ribbon was adopted as a symbol of awareness and prevention. Teal is associated with trust, devotions, and healing.  How can you participate?

  • Outfit and accessorize yourself in teal to raise awareness of sexual awareness
  • Pick up a teal ribbon at the following businesses that support the eradication of sexual violence
  • Tell people why you are wearing teal and ask them to join anti-violence efforts
  • Post on social media #wewearteal

Guerrilla Marketing Campaign - April 11

On April 11, Rape Crisis Centers and our allies across the state of Kentucky will be conducting  Guerrilla Advertising in an effort to bring about awareness to sexual victimization.  We invite you to join us in our WWT (Why Wear Teal) campaign by placing a card with the QR code in strategic places throughout your community.

The QR code will directly link to this page so the viewer can read up on the importance of eliminating sexual violence in our communities and access information outlining the different statewide events he/she can participant in. We encourage you to have fun with this, get people talking, put tags on gas station pumps, hide them in the produce section of your grocery store or car windows, see if your local banks will send them out in through the teller, have restaurants put them in the bags of carry out orders, organize a flash mob, just get creative!  

Chalk the Walk - April 18

Let’s take our message to the streets, or the sidewalks!  Join us this week as we invite you to CHALK THE WALK for sexual assault awareness and prevention!  Gather a group of friends or neighbors and write messages of hope and healing with sidewalk chalk.  Below is list of phrases to get you started, but make it your own with messages that will mobilize YOUR community to make change!  We encourage you to use our hashtag #chalkthewalk to draw people’s attention to opportunities for further action from the messages they read. Take photographs of your work and post it on social media to spread the message and create buzz!      

  • Sexual violence is NOT inevitable!
  • What’s your Green Dot?
  • Consent is sexy!  Make sure you have it – every time, every partner!  
  • We believe you. 
  • Nobody has to do everything.  Everybody can do something.  
  • 1 in 5 is too many.
  • Healing happens. 

Denim Day - April 27

In 1992 an 18-year-old in Italy was raped by her driving instructor. She pressed charges and won her case, but the instructor appealed and the case went to the Italian High Court. In 1999 the court overturned the conviction with a member of the High Court declaring that since the victim wore very tight jeans, the instructor could not have removed them himself; therefore, the victim must have willingly participated. Women of the Italian legislature protested the decision by wearing jeans. As news of the decision spread, so did the protest. Today, all around the world, organizations coordinate communitywide Denim Days to show support of survivors and raise awareness about the crimes of sexual assault.  Thank you for doing more to help us take a stand against sexual violence by participating in 2016 Denim Day. There are several simple ways for you to get involved this year.

Wear denim on Wednesday, April 27, 2016. 

  • Encourage your workplace, professional affiliates, family, friends, church group or even your favorite local barista to wear jeans on Denim Day. 
  • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Share our posts to help raise awareness.
  • Participate in our social media photo contest by sharing your photos with the hashtag #denimday
  • Print out flyer to hang at your workplace, school or group meeting place to let others know about Denim Day. 
  • Host a Dollars for Denim Day event at your community, school or workplace to benefit your local rape crisis center.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month in Kentucky!

This is an annual opportunity to focus attention statewide on raising awareness about sexual violence and its prevention. It is also an opportunity to highlight the efforts of individuals and agencies that provide rape crisis intervention and prevention services while offering support to sexual assault survivors, victims and their families. SAAM raises awareness of sexual violence and its prevention through special events, while highlighting sexual violence as a major public health issue and reinforcing the need for prevention efforts.

If you would also like to support National SAAM efforts, we encourage you to visit for more information.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month Awards - Honoring the History of Kentucky's Anti-Rape Movement
Sexual Assault Awareness Month Awards (SAAMys) are designed to honor individuals who have made exceptional contributions to Kentucky's movement against sexual victimization. SAAMy recipients are selected by a committee of victim service professional from a pool of nominations submitted from individuals throughout the Commonwealth.

Award Descriptions:

Fonetta A. Elam Award: Given to mental health professionals who have provided service to victims of interpersonal violence through their exemplary clinical supervision. To be considered, the nominee must have at least five years of experience providing clinical supervision.

Note: Fonetta Elam acted as the director of the Rape Victim Services Program in her region, providing services to domestic violence and sexual assault victims. She left a legacy of leadership and compassion through her mentorship and many hours of clinical supervision for professionals seeking a license.

Innovative Program Award: Given to programs that creatively addresses awareness, education, and/or prevention efforts focused on sexual violence.

SAAMy Award: Given to individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the anti-rape movement by working alongside KASAP and Rape Crisis Centers.


Sexual Assault Awareness Committee (SAAC) Mission Statement: Raise awareness of sexual violence through advocacy and collaboration by being a voice for social change in Kentucky.

Sexual Assault Awareness Committee (SAAC) Vision Statement: To provide quality comprehensive services and support to end sexual violence.




March 31, 2016
Declaration Ceremony, 1:00 p.m. EST
Capitol Rotunda

Awards Dinner, 6:00 p.m. EST
Capital Plaza Hotel, Frankfort, Kentucky

RSVP by TBD to Emily Tamas or 502-226-2704

Sexual Assault Awareness Month
Award Recipients & Resolutions:

Kathy Doyle - Fonetta A. Elam Award

Anita Capillo - SAAMy Award, Statewide
Darko Mihaylovich - SAAMy Award, Statewide

Det. Tracy Haynes - SAAMy Award, Regional
Elizabeth G. Madariaga - SAAMy Award, Regional

Brenda Hughes - Fonetta A. Elam Award
Erica R. Myers - Fonetta A. Elam Award

MaryLee Underwood - SAAMy Award
Ruford Abner - SAAMy Award

BRCC START - Innovative Program

Elizabeth (Missy) Rittinger, St. Elizabeth Healthcare
Rick Bartley, Pike County Commonwealth Attorney

Senate Resolution 185
House Resolution 115

Natalie Kelly
Shelly S. Miller

Senate Resolution 135
House Resolution 145

Eddie Farrey
Denise Hylton
Angelika Lewis-Bowling

Marie Almario
Phyllis Konerman
Jennifer Gay
Chief Terry Powell
Scott Napier

Margaret Banks
Tammy Hatfield
Marta Miranda
Sharon LaRue

Renae Duncan
Rep. Joni Jenkins
Roger Owens
Agnes Santiago
Marigail Sexton

Detective Jodi Ennis
Dr. Hatim Omar
Dr. William Smock
Edwina Walker
Sen. Jeffery Green, In Memoriam

Grace Ericksen
Lana Grandon
Carol E. Jordan
Diane Lawless
Rep. Jimmie Lee
Judi Conway Patton




This project was supported by Grant Number VAWA ARRA-2009-KASAP-00034 awarded through the Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet by the Office on Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of Justice. The Opinions, findings, conclusions and recommendations expressed in this publication/program/exhibition are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women or the Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet.